Finding Your Perfect Keto Fit

Time to check in! As you become more adapted to keto, start to regularly ask yourself these questions.

  •  How do you feel? 
  •  Are you satiated between meals?  
  •  Is your energy increasing or decreasing?  
  •  If you’re exercising, how is your performance? (physical performance, typically takes about 3 months to get adapted)  
  • Are you sleeping well?  
  •  Do you have any side effects? 
  •  Are you meeting your personal goals by living a keto lifestyle?
  •  Are you happy?

Over time, continue to reassess if you’re meeting your goals and ask yourself the questions above. If you’re not meeting your goals or feeling awesome following a keto lifestyle, continue to troubleshoot and check to see why you may have plateaued.  

Tips to Hack Your Keto Diet

Below are some quick tips to consider. Also, we highly recommend trying one new adjustment at a time to better determine what is (or isn’t) working.  

Manipulate carbs

Try upping or lowering net carbs by 10 grams of carbohydrates at a time per day.

Adjust protein 

Increase or decrease your portion of protein at each meal. If you consume six ounces per meal, try cutting it back to three ounces. However, if you’re exercising and trying to build muscle, you may want to increase protein to eight to nine ounces per meal.

Moderate the fat

After about a month of keto, you may want to slightly dial back the fat if you’re trying to lose weight. However, if you’re feeling hunger or cravings between meals, you may need a bit more

Trial of elimination

Consider a one-month trial of eliminating certain foods that may cause digestive issues, weight-loss plateaus, increase inflammation, and affect insulin. After the one-month trial, add the eliminated food back in slowly to assess how you feel. (Only pick one food to eliminate at a time):

  • Dairy: All forms including whey and casein.
  • Gluten: A keto diet is gluten-free. However, I notice some people sneak in small amounts of these foods as part of their carb allotment.
  • Nuts: All forms, including butter and flour.
  • Alcohol: If drinking alcohol is a regular habit, this may definitely get in the way of feeling your best on keto.
  • Alternative sweeteners: All kinds, even including stevia and sugar alcohols, as these can trigger cravings and over-eating in some people.
  • Processed foods: Yes, even keto-friendly processed foods. These may affect weight loss and increase inflammation. Aim for whole, fresh food as much as possible.

In the end, remember there is no “one-size-fits-all” to keto, and each one of us will lose weight at a different pace. Adjust, commit, and push forward. As always, keep strong and keto-on!

Got Keto Questions? 

We’ve partnered with a certified keto nutritionist to answer our readers’ most commonly asked questions.